Four weeks of Christmas holidays.  Say what?!?  This is what we thought as we girded our loins and headed into our children's break from school.  It was long and there were some days that we didn't want to repeat, but there were others that were good gifts. 

Here are some pictures from the middle weeks, including Christmas and our trip away from Delhi. 

It was Christmas Eve (or more like early Christmas morning) and I was the last one to go to bed.  I stayed up to watch the end of the movie, The Village, on TV.  Afterwards, I gazed at our tree and loved the sight of it with packages placed underneath after the boys had gone to sleep.  I made a picture and felt like I did when I was very young and keyed up on the night before Christmas.

And the morning was worth the wait.  It was a good one - settled, leisurely, intentional, playful.

Mumbai was our first stop during our week away after the new year.  We spent two nights in the city before heading further south.  It stays in black and white, but it could move to colour if we gave the city more time.

We flew to Kochi and took a cab to Marari Beach.  We went to a place that we had been to before. Once again, we found it to be quiet as compared to Delhi and very alive.  Every day we saw chickens, a cat, crabs, geese, cows and butterflies.  We ate fish, sipped chai and enjoyed sweet lime sodas.  We played in the sand and in the waves.

Our souvenirs came back with a fishy smell.  The boys and I made these photos together.  The claw and sand flea remnants have gone the way of all fishy smelling things, while the shell now resides in our desk draw.  I just saw it in there, so I know and I remember.