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We were ushered into a poorly lit room and handed glasses of lychee juice. We sat down on the bed which was against the wall and was one of two pieces of furniture in the room. We looked around and waited. Soon a man brought into the room a small, pink, plastic container with a hinged lid. He opened it up and pulled out a puppy. He laid the puppy on the bed and Elliot and Aidan curled up around him. Elliot started crying as we negotiated price and paperwork for the puppy. We made a down payment and were promised delivery of our little boy within the week.

As we drove back to Saket we made a list of names, HP Sauce and Alistair are memorable contenders but Albus Dumbledog was the clear winner once that name was introduced by one of us. We went in a Highland direction because we’d paid for a West Highland Terrier. But within a month of owning Albus we realized that was not what we had in him. He had long white hair, and a small body but his ears did not stand up in little triangles on either side of his face.

After some time we searched for street dogs in Kathmandu and we saw his likeness in some of the images google had to offer. And when we looked at a chart of dog breeds it all came together and we realized we had a Tibetan Spaniel. In the end Tibetan Spaniel is very fitting and is preferred to us.