New Delhi, Spring 2018

We went to Nehru Park before the heat of the day would make us miserable. We drove through the jerky, bumpy, busy streets to get there. We promised the boys ice lollies upon leaving the park because we would most definitely be sweaty and deserving of a cool treat when the time came.

Once inside, Jason led us through obstacle courses that he created from the rocks and boulders that are dotted around the park. Surprisingly, there were few stray dogs and no monkeys or chai wallahs or snack wallahs to hinder us as we ran that morning.

This is Elliot’s birthday week. And as I look back on these pictures and others from that day’s roll of film I see my sons’ running, climbing, pointing, sweating, and planning. Here’s to more adventures for both Elliot and Aidan. May they be epically good.